Which diet is right for me?

Which diet is right for me?

We are often inundated with information around different fad diets that come and go, and it can often be hard to really know what to do.

Weight loss is a very important topic for many people newly diagnosed with diabetes as it can have a huge impact on diabetic control. It is often something that people can often run into trouble achieving. Getting your diet right combined with increasing your physical activity will contribute hugely towards beginning to achieve your weight loss goals.

There is a lot of different advice about which diets work best, whether it’s counting calories or reducing carbs as a few examples. Before embarking on any weight loss plans, it’s always best to talk these with your diabetes care team so they can help you decide what might work best for you and how to achieve a balanced diet.

Diabetes UK has some great nutrition and lifestyle advice which is worthwhile having a look at. If you are interested in exploring the low carbohydrate approach then have a look at our video on type 2 diabetes and low carb diets below.

Have a look at the video below to see how a low carbohydrate diet has helped some people to lose weight.

Whatever changes that you make to your diet, whether it’s reducing calories or carbohydrates, following a structured programme such as Slimming World or Weightwatchers or perhaps trying intermittent fasting; it needs to be something that is sustainable for you in the long term and works in with your daily life.